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What will the interior design project contain:

RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL, OFFICE: the house, the workplace, commercial space, institutional space, medical space, HORECA, are projects approached differently, according to the type of beneficiary. But all are governed by the same laws of design and go through the same steps described as follows:

Design theme

Together with the client, we establish a hierarchy of interior design wishes and requirements. We gather it all in a folder of documentation: images with environments, objects and details that inspire us. This gives us a perspective on an agreed interior design style.


Taking into account the requirements, context and budget, we present the proposal of arrangement accompanied by a mood board: a collage of images, textures and colors. The result is a CONCEPT that will guide us in the realization of the interior design project.


We finalize all aspects of the preliminary draft and go into details.

2D plans – we draw in plan, views and sections, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, flows, functions, lighting fixtures, sockets and switches, toilets, radiators, air conditioning, shelves and everything else that the design project contains.

3D plans – We use several 3D techniques as a tool for presenting the design proposal, so that even the most uninformed client can imagine and form a clear idea of what the project will look like in the end. Everything we design is achievable, and all the furniture and objects proposed in the development project are included in the purchase lists and are correlated with the context and budget.

Technical documentation and purchase lists

In order to successfully implement the interior design project, it is important to have a detailed technical file. It contains compartmentalization, positioning, calculations for materials, objects, textures and colors but also sections, details and unfoldings of the building elements, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, ceramic tiles. The positioning of the furniture, appliances, toilets, installations are exactly specified, in accordance with reality and the overlay plan of lighting, electrical and plumbing installations.

The purchase lists includes all the elements proposed, adapted to the budget. We collaborate with national or international suppliers, selected on the basis of reliability, quality-price ratio and delivery times.

Project management

The price of the interior design project includes telephonic or physical assistance, as needed, at crucial stages of implementation. The technical and purchase file is detailed and complete, so that the project can be successfully implemented and followed without the presence of the designer. Of course, we choose together the best teams for construction and furniture execution.

IMPORTANT: The implementation services, site management, which implies the constant presence on the site of the designer, are offered separately and only for projects with investment amounts of over 500 euros/sqm.

There is always a confusion at this stage, between the design project and who is implementing it. If the client does not know or does not have time to closely follow the work process, he must hire a site manager, able to follow the good practice in the implementation of the project. The designer is like the architect who hands the project to the technical engineer. Of course, he is present in the decisive phases, but is not responsible for the daily evolution of the work or the bad practices of the teams involved.

Office Design

We offer Interior Design services for office spaces. Space planning, ergonomics and design for small and large companies all over the world.

Commercial Design

Interior design services for offices, hotels, medical and dental clinics, restaurants, shops and other commercial premises. We focus on understanding the needs and requirements of those who will work, visit or live in the areas under construction.

Residential Design

Interior design services for houses, apartments with one, two or more rooms. We design the interior: living room, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and also the exterior: facades, terraces, courtyards, landscaping.