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Biroul de desing - Cristian Ciumas

I am Cristian Ciumaș, passionate about design since I was a child. The impulse to create, to invent, to imagine, to do something for people, found its natural course when I entered the University of Art and Design (Cluj-Napoca / Romania / 2001). The university, the master’s degree, a two years training with professional designers from Dacia-Renault, helped me develop my skills and my understanding of the designer work.

The interior designer experience began in 2003, with the first of a series of five stores for the Kappa brand. What followed was a series projects for houses, apartments, office spaces, hotels, cafes, shops,  projects that were implemented both in Romania and abroad.

After 16 years of activity in this field, I work with the same spontaneity and desire to innovate, putting a price on listening, the clients’ wishes and their budgets.

I invite you to consult the portfolio and services offered or contact me to discuss your project!